★★★★★ We had an amazing Elfiegram visit from Elfie Doodles. The kids were fascinated by balloon modelling, magic tricks and Christmas Eve preparations. The use of makaton made it clear to Riley how involved he could be and he started communicating straight away when he would normally remain silent to avoid the frustration of not being understood. It was a truly magical evening. Thank you so much! xxx

Sarah Pilling, Freddie, Riley & Ruby's Mum - Elfiegram Visit Christmas 2018

Elfiegram Visits

30 minutes of Elf mischief,
magic & merriment!

Smile, say cheese, it’s time for your sELFie,

with the one they call Doodles, the giant ELFIE!

Elfie Doodles will check if you have been Naughty or Nice using her Squeaky Squonky Elf Device, if you have been Nice you have a guaranteed space on Santa’s List!  She will also check the grown ups too – so they had better be on their best behaviour!

Elfie Doodles will get up to some mischief upon arrival and then make your Cuddly Elf appear, but oh no we have a problem, the Elf toy hasn’t been stuffed yet!  There has been an Elf Flu Epidemic at the North Pole, and Elfie Doodles friends aren’t on target to get all the toys made in time for Christmas Deliveries, can you save Christmas?

You will take the Elf Oath to become the best Elf Apprentice Toy Maker!

With some festive magic you will help make all the goodies appear and then you will be trained how to make a cuddly 8″ Elf (the perfect size for getting up to lots of Merry Mischief Missions!)

A quick message is sent to Elfie Doodles from Santa to say all the elves are feeling much better and are back on target, and because you did so well making a cuddly Elf you can adopt it and keep it forever!

Then it’s time to get up to some Elf mischief, and don’t forget to have your sELFie with Elfie!

Your child passes the E.L.F. test with flying colours and receives a certificate, and it’s time for Elfie Doodles to leave,
BUT you will be able to continue the Elf Mischief for the whole of December, with lots of silly challenges along the way not only this year, but for many years to come!

Your magical 30 minute visit from Elfie Doodles includes:

  • M.Y.O. 8″ Elf to get up to
    Merry Mischief in your home

  • Merry Mischief List

  • Elf Hat

  • Reindeer Food

  • Official E.L.F. School Certificate & Letter from Santa